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Obligation of Notification for Third Parties

Landlords, house owners and persons who provide lodging are required to notify municipalities of the move-in or move-out of their tenants («Drittmeldepflicht»). They must notify the municipality by means of relocation notification, or online if they

  • rent out an apartment
  • provide lodging free of charge
  • a subtenant moves in or out (notification by the main tenant)
  • an adult family member or the spouse/partner moves in or out.

The notification must be made within 14 days of relocating.

Relocation notifications online

Relocation notifications can be submitted online via «Service Drittmeldung» (in German).

  • without login, no registration
  • PDF confirmation

Relocation notification forms

You can use below forms to notify the municipality of the move-in («Einzugsanzeige») or move-out («Auszugsanzeige») of your tenants.

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