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Certificates and Confirmations

The district offices and the resident’s registration office at the city hall issue identity cards and various attestations, certificates and confirmations. You can obtain them at the online service desk (in German) or come by in person.

If you come by in person, we require:

  • An identity document (identity card, passport, driver’s license, residence permit)
  • CHF 20.- per adult

In case of representation by a third party:

  • Power of attorney signed by the person requiring the confirmation (not necessary if represented by spouse)
  • An identification document of the third party
  • CHF 20.- per adult

If you order online, the document will be sent to you by post.

Wohnsitzbestätigung (Certificate of Current Place of Residence)

The resident's registration office issues certificates of residence for persons living in the city of Zurich. The certificate lists the following information: Surname, first name, date of birth, civil status, place of origin or nationality, move-in date, current municipality of residence and address. We recommend ordering the certificate online.

If you would like more information listed or if your place of residence is no longer in Zurich, please request a «Wohnsitzattest».

The certificate is free of charge for children under 18 years of age.

Wohnsitzattest (Certificate of Previous Place of Residence)

The resident's registration office issues certificates of residence, even if you no longer live in Zurich. Depending on the intended use and requirements, a «short» or a «long» version of the document can be issued.  If you only need confirmation of your current place of residence in Zurich, please request a «Wohnsitzbestätigung».

We recommend ordering the «short» or «long» version of your certificate online.

The fees for the certificate are CHF 20.- for one person, CHF 40.- for two or more persons on one document.

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