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Pay fine

It is absolutely essential that the proceedings reference number (V-Nr.) be stated on any payments made by postal transfer or banking transfer. In case of omission we shall not be able to allocate your payment, resulting in the transmission of your records to the municipal court authority of the city of Zurich for adjudication

The applicable regulations on official fines:

The Zurich City Police has introduced a new notification of offense with a QR code (quick response code). Click here to find out more.

Please pay the fine within the 30-day deadline. You have the following options to pay the fine:

  1. Credit card, Postfinance card or Twint
  2. E-banking to bank account. To account information
  3. At any police station or at the ZVO counter ZVO counter
  4. Payment slip / Payment form 

If the fine has not been paid 30 days after the offense occurred, we will automatically send a notification of offense to the person responsible, together with a payment slip.

Alternatively, you may transfer payment for the fine to our bank or postal account.
Click here for account information.

Transfer fine to another driver / File appeal

Are you not responsible for this offense? Then you can have this fine transferred to the driver of the vehicle. We will send the fine to that person. Do you believe this fine was not justified or incorrect? Then you may appeal it.

Please note:

  • Inform us of your intention within the payment deadline of 30 days.
  • If you pay the fine within the deadline, the fine becomes legally binding and the case is considered closed. In this case, you do not need to notify us of the driver of the vehicle..
  • We prefer that you submit your information online. Alternatively, you may do so at the ZVO counter or in writing by post.

Transfer fine to another driver or file appeal