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Sick and no health insurance? You can get help here

Do you live in the City of Zurich, have no health insurance and are ill or in pain?

Various services are available in the city of Zurich to help people without health insurance cover, for example undocumented migrants (Sans-Papiers). If you have lived for a minimum of 3 months in the city of Zurich then the costs will be covered.

I am ill and have no health insurance, who can help me?

Are you afraid to see a doctor because you have no health insurance? Do not worry. On this page you will find information on medical and social care for people who live in the city of Zurich. Undocumented migrants who have no identity card or passport can get medical care, too. Get help quickly if you are ill or in pain.

Project information

This website is a service offered by the pilot project relating to persons without health insurance. Further information is available in German here.

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