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Dear street artists,

Welcome to Zurich! Are you planning to play music, act or perform some other artistic activity in public? If you are, please observe the following rules:

Artistic performances are permitted only in certain areas of the city and only at certain times. Please see the reverse of this flyer in this regard! Please note thefollowing points, in particular:

It is forbidden

  • to sell or trade goods
  • to paint pictures on the groundto request money for performances; the passive collection of money is permitted (for example, by means of a hat on the ground)
  • to use amplifiers, stands or other aids
  • to stay for more than 30 minutes at any one place
  • to obstruct traffic (including public transport customers)
  • to play music or perform artistic activities when other events approved by the city are taking place (such as markets, festivals, stand promotions and street cafés)

These rules apply to street art on public property belonging to the city of Zurich.

You could be fined for failing to abide by these rules. You must follow police instructions.

We look forward to your performances and wish you a pleasant stay in Zurich!


Approved areas

Street art is allowed in this areas
Street art is allowed in this areas



Street art is allowed during the following times: 

Approved areas at the lakefront (1): 

  • Monday to Sunday from 07.00 to 22.00 hrs.
  • During summer: Friday and Saturday from 07.00 to 23.00 hrs.

Other approved areas:

  • Monday to Saturday from 07.00 to 22.00 hrs., if there are no other events such as marts, festivals, street campaigns, etc. 
  • On Sundays and public holdays street art / street music is prohibited in this areas.

In particular, local conditions must be taken into account.

The instructions from police officers must be adhered to.


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